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Surprise, you're a wanted man! Brown Hand Center doctor has a warrant out for his arrest (updated)

Michael Brown might not be smiling at news of his arrest warrant. Photo by Daniel Ortiz
Michael Brown, hand surgeon, hand doctor, head shot
Courtesy of Harris County Sheriff's Office
Michael Brown, hand surgeon, hand doctor, head shot

Update: Jeanne Caldwell McDowell, a lawyer for Michael Brown, now says that the order for Michael Brown was not an arrest warrant but a capias issued by the case's discovery master, Joseph Indelicato. While a capias can direct a court officer to physically compel someone to appear in court, that's extremely unlikely in this instance.

McDowell says Brown's failure to appear in court on Tuesday was due to the former doctor residing in Florida and the motion for the hearing not being signed until Monday after 4 p.m. The hearing, which relates to disputed court expenses, has yet to be rescheduled.


Michael Brown, the multimillionaire founder of the Brown Hand Centers, has once again found himself on the wrong side of the law. 

Houston Press reports that Brown had a warrant for his arrest issued by Judge Sheri Dean on Tuesday for failure to appear in family court for his ongoing, highly contentious divorce trial with his fourth wife, Rachel Brown.

According to family court testimony earlier this summer, Brown now considers Florida to be his primary state of residence, so he does have a significant commute to court. He also has a history of absence during this divorce trial, missing a court date in May for a trip to California to get a facelift.

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