Flood Town

Welcome to Seattle! Houston transforms into new rain capital with more relentless downpours ahead

As if Thursday's rains weren't enough — we're stuck on replay. Houstonians waded their way through the city again Friday as torrential downpours flooded streets and highways.

The heavy rain briefly knocked out power at a variety of locations across town, including the studios of KHOU, which lost electricity for about six minutes during of one of the busiest days of weather news in months.

"We expect additional rainfall on Saturday and Sunday," Chris McKinney of the National Weather Service tells CultureMap. "If the rains hit areas than have already soaked up about five or six inches of water, there's a definite chance of more flooding."

The doctor who took this photo tweeted, "More rain over the medical center and in Houston, making it difficult to discharge patients to go home."

Here's a pic of the forecast for the weekend and next week. Some serious storms on the way, but at least it's not 107 degrees.

"These upper level systems that have stalled over the area the past week should start to move west this weekend," McKinney says. Starting Monday, he notes that the weather will begin to return to normal summer patterns.

Expect regular afternoon storms, but less all-day rain.

Streets throughout the city were flooded during the morning and afternoon, with many thoroughfares completely impassable via vehicle.

Or horse for that matter. KHOU reports that more than 80 horses were rescued from a northwest Harris County barn that was quickly filling with water.

One reader submitted an incredible look at the storm as it rolled by his office in the Energy Corridor. Thanks for the awesome image and stay dry!

CultureMap grabbed a shot of a water-logged downtown underpass, a familiar scene Friday morning.

An AP YouTube video titled "Rain Floods Dozen of Houston Homes" captures the weather at its craziest as creeks and bayous struggle to keep the water below their banks.

CultureMap photographer Michelle Watson took her hands off the wheel just long enough to take this shot. Drive carefully, everyone, and avoid those deep puddles.

Around noon, a photographer posted an aptly-titled image, "Houston after heavy rain."

This person has the right idea. "Rainy day = cozy day  . . . in bed."