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Rafting through Houston? As the Buffalo Bayou overflows and rain grows relentless, it's in play

Buffalo Bayou_flash flood_rain
The Buffalo Bayou is far overreaching its banks as it crosses north of downtown — it usually flows lower than the markers along each side.  Photo by Whitney Radley
Buffalo Bayou_flash flood_rain
The view upstream, before the river passes under I-10.  Photo by Whitney Radley
Buffalo Bayou_flash flood_rain
Buffalo Bayou_flash flood_rain

It's difficult to imagine the terrible dry spell and sticky heat that last summer wrought when we're surrounded by buckets of water and confronted with a forecast indicating rain (and temps in the 80s) for days still. 

This afternoon, the elbow of Buffalo Bayou that passes directly behind CultureMap's office and runs by the University of Houston-Downtown, is overflowing its banks, inching up the pedestrian pathways, creating whirlpools and whitecaps as it courses beneath bridges and around bends.

We're thinking of it as our little muddied river — not quite as scenic as a glacier-fed whitewater mecca, but surely just as perilous. 

Have you seen other stretches of the bayou (or any ol' drainage ditch) that are threatening to overflow with all of this rainfall? Or spotted any daring souls rafting along the waterway? 

Got a great photo of a Houston happening or everyday occurrence? Or just a fun photo that shows why Houston is so unique? Send it to, along with details (who, what, where and why it's special). It might make our Pix of the Day.

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