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Party pooper: Mayor Annise Parker "rudely" squashes Hipstrict house party

News_Consular Ball_Mayor Annise Parker_Kathy Hubbard
Sleepyheads Mayor Annise Parker and Kathy Hubbard. Courtesy of the PR Boutique
News_Annise Parker_tweet_shut down party
Mayor Annise Parker's latest tweet. Photo via Twitter
News_Mayor's Tea_Mayor Annise ParkerMayor's Tea_Mayor Annise Parker
Annise Parker at this year's Mayor's Tea, held at the mayor's home Courtesy of Ethan Cole Photography
News_Consular Ball_Mayor Annise Parker_Kathy Hubbard
News_Annise Parker_tweet_shut down party
News_Mayor's Tea_Mayor Annise ParkerMayor's Tea_Mayor Annise Parker

Professional party pooper (and Houston head honcho) Annise Parker exercised her authority on the evening of July 4, halting a house party in her Montrose neighborhood.

Following the incident Monday night, the spoilsport tweeted, "I just personally (& rudely) shut down a loud neighborhood party- 11:45 pm! Were they surprised to see me. Security will not be happy. -a"

Perhaps the mayor was all tuckered out after attending a Kingwood parade earlier that day — a drama-riddled event, according to her penultimate tweet, "My mounted patrol horse bolted! I finally got her stopped but it gave my security a turn!-a."

Is Parker a walking wet blanket, or just a professional trying to get her beauty sleep before balancing budgets? Perhaps she was sore from mounting that horse? Maybe the Rice University alumna cannot fathom the idea of partying on a school night. Or worse: Does our mayor hate the Fourth of July?

CultureMap asked the party sourpuss for comment, but the mayor's director of communications Janice Evans came back with, "We're going to let the tweet speak for itself."

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