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50 Shades of Murder: Bellaire socialite mistress delivers steamy tell-all — transsexuals too!

50 Shades of Murder: Bellaire socialite mistress delivers steamy tell-all — transsexuals too!

Just when you thought the sordid, murderous love triangle between Jeffrey Stern, Bellaire socialite Yvonne Stern and Michelle Gaiser could not get any weirder, a new story comes out that adds to the intrigue.

Jeffrey Stern is facing a trial at the end of the month for his alleged role in ordering a series of murder attempts on his wife, Yvonne. Gaiser was Stern's mistress and has confessed to hiring the hit men under Stern's direction. She's now the state's star witness against Stern, though allegations of her previous and continued attempts to hire other hit men (including one against Jeffrey Stern allegedly solicited from her jail cell) could hurt her credibility, to say the least.

 During phone sex, Gaiser claims, he would ask her to "cut Yvonne's nipples off and . . . drag Yvonne down the stairs and stab her multiple times." 

But there's more than one Stern case circulating. Yvonne Stern filed a civil suit against Gaiser in March, demanding compensation for her medical bills as well as pain and suffering. Now Gaiser has responded to that complaint with the most detailed description of her relationship with Jeffrey Stern made public to date.

"The genesis of the plot to kill Yvonne Stern began with Jeffrey Stern . . . Through sexual grooming, emotional manipulation, installation of fear creating dependence on him, restricting her options, Jeffrey Stern pulled the strings that led to the assault on his wife's life," states the petition.

Gaiser claims that her sexual molestation as a child (she terms it "sexual immoderateness") and being raised in a Filipino male dominant society made her "easy prey" for Stern. After nine years of his advances, she says their relationship began when he joined her on a trip to Las Vegas (with his son), changing her flight to match his and staying at the same hotel.

"A steamy sex novela[sic] could not sufficiently describe the intensity of their sexual relationship," she continues, and the explicit details do sound like something out of 50 Shades of Gray. The petition lists daily sexual encounters at work and at the Stern's Bellaire mansion, phone sex when his wife and children were at home, sex in public places, "oral sex from underneath his desk" (I believe that's called the Bill Clinton) and making Gaiser wear Yvonne Stern's bras and underwear while having sex in his marital bed.

But according to Gaiser, their sexual relationship eventually took a violent turn.

"Part of Jeffrey Stern's fantasies, while having sex with Michelle Gaiser in his wife's bed, would be to ask Michelle Gaiser to describe what she would do if Yvonne Stern caught them having sex. … [He] would ask Michelle Gaiser if she would take a knife and stab his wife Yvonne Stern in the breast . . . tell Michelle Gaiser that if Yvonne Stern caught the two of them having sex he wanted her to kill his wife . . . The only way Jeffrey Stern could reach an orgasm was to have Michelle Gaiser describe how she would kill his wife."

During phone sex, Gaiser claims, he would ask her to "cut Yvonne's nipples off and . . . drag Yvonne down the stairs and stab her multiple times."

Gaiser also claims that Jeffrey Stern liked to hire transsexual prostitutes to have sex with while Michelle watched and would instruct her to take photographs of "men's male organs" to send to him.

Gaiser says that when Stern asked her to hire a hit man to kill his wife (or "that fucking whore") she "had collapsed into cognitive disorganization and she was strictly in survival mode which resulted in her carrying out his wishes . . . Ms. Gaiser was not a perpetrator, like Yvonne Stern she was a victim at the hands of Jeffrey Stern."

The whole sordid pleading is worth reading in its entirety, whether you want a preview of Gaiser's trial testimony or whether you are just looking for something kinky to spice up your afternoon.

The good news for Stern is that if this story is as fictional as Christian and Anastasia, there should be plenty of evidence (or lack thereof) to refute it — plane tickets, text and email records, browser history and credit card charges to Eros.com (where Gaiser claims Stern would find transsexual prostitutes when they traveled), even potential testimony from Cindy, a transsexual and, according to Michelle, a regular fixture in their sexual escapades.

According to Texas Monthly's Skip Hollandsworth, Yvonne Stern might have been motivated in part to file the lawsuit because she wasn't happy with Gaiser's version of how Jeffrey Stern talked about Yvonne. It's unlikely this petition is going to make her any happier.

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