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Smash-and-grab thieves raid AT&T store for iPads, iPods & iPhones

Alarms went off at an AT&T store in north Houston around 4 Wednesday morning as thieves in ski masks staged a daring smash-and-grab burglary. According to a KHOU report, Houston police are looking for four males who rammed a reddish-color Ford F-350 truck through the front of the store located in the Northline Shopping Center on the North Freeway at Crosstimbers.

Within minutes, the burglars grabbed as many iPads, iPods, iPhones and other pricey, popular electronics as they could before fleeing the scene in the truck, police said. Surveillance cameras showed at least four suspects wearing ski masks.

The suspects are still on the loose, but police say a piece of the vehicle and a screwdriver was left behind at the scene.

Watch the KHOU video of the aftermath of the brazen burglary:

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