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5 great reasons to adopt a pet — just in time for Take Your Dog To Work Day

5 great reasons to adopt a pet, in time for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friends for Life dog
Jemma Simmons is quite easily the cutest thing I've ever found in a coffee mug. Find out more about the Friends for Life pup here Courtesy of Friends for Life
Special Pals dog
This Fox Terrier, Kisses, is all smiles just waiting for you to make a trip to Special Pals Animal Shelter. To find out more information about Kisses, click here Courtesy of PetFinder
SPCA dog
Scooby is a playful puppy who came to the SPCA as a cruelty case with a broken leg but they were able to take that leg off and now he walks great! Find out more about me here Courtesy of the SPCA
CAP puppy
For more information on Mickey, click here Courtesy of CAP
Humane Society dog
For more information about Riley, click here Courtesy of Houston Humane Society
BARC dog
Maxwell is about 1 year and 1 month old, is very friendly and does well with other dogs. To find out more, click here. Courtesy of BARC
Friends for Life dog
Special Pals dog
SPCA dog
CAP puppy
Humane Society dog
BARC dog

Whether it's your large Great Dane, perfectly coiffed poodle or tiny Chihuahua, pets are welcome in many offices that celebrate the 15th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday. But what about those who don’t have a pet pooch to tag along?

Well you’re in luck, because the summer is the perfect time to adopt a furry friend. Not saying that you should go and adopt a dog just to bring them to work for one day, but instead, use this holiday to really consider providing a foster animal a loving home.

Five Great Reasons to Adopt a Pet

1. Provide your family with a loving friend

I adopted my dog Daisy 14 years ago and nothing would make me happier than coming home from school and being greeted by her loving face. Having her company while doing homework or seeing her at my father's feet every morning when he reads the newspaper (yes, some people still read a newspaper) are just a couple signs of her love and loyalty.

2. A Sense of Security

I know that whenever my father is out of town, my mom and I get real a sense of security with our “guard dog.” She warns us of anyone coming to the door and is our own little safety blanket and great feeling of comfort.

3. Company for Senior Citizens

Just last year my grandmother adopted two kittens from a local shelter for some companionship around her condo. They provide her entertainment with their playing during the day and are very easy to care for with their litter boxes and no need to go outside. She also loves when they snuggle up next to her when she’s reading or going to sleep.

4. A Workout Buddy

Why go for your run around Memorial Park alone when you could bring your active other half? If you like spending time outside and would love the company, a puppy and tennis ball are the perfect pair for summer afternoons in Houston.

5. Give an Animal in Need a Loving Home

Above all, the best thing about adopting is that you will be saving an innocent animal’s life. Being able to give them a warm, comforting place to sleep, nourishing them and seeing them live a happy life is a reward within itself.

Serious Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Adopt:

  • What kind of lifestyle do I lead? Do you travel often? Work late hours? Remember that animals require constant care and patience. Do you have the time and effort to handle the attention and love they need?
  • Can I afford a pet? Owning a pet is not only an emotional investment but a financial one as well. Think about the expenses of food, veterinary care, grooming, flea and tick prevention and any kind of boarding that will come out of your wallet. This could add up to $500 or more per year.
  • Am I ready for a long-term commitment? Remember that this isn’t just a seasonal thing. Adopting a pet is a promise to love and care for another living being for up for 16 years. Also consider that when adopting a puppy, you may have to make an even deeper obligation in regard to potty and obedience training.

Check out the numerous Houston shelters that have dogs and cats up for adoption: SPCA, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Houston Humane Society, BARC, Friends for Life and Special Pals Shelter.

Did we miss any adoption shelters that have made a difference in your life? Please add them in the comments below!

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