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A suicide jumper at Buc-ee's?

A suicide jumper at Buc-ee's? Woman leaps from giant gas station's roof after refusing pleas to stop

Lake Jackson-based Buc-ee's is highly regarded by travelers for its clean restrooms, cheeky slogans and impossibly addictive "Beaver Nuggets," but the most recent news from the convenience store chain is decidedly less cheerful. 

A 21-year-old woman was hospitalized after she jumped from the roof of a Buc-ee's in Angleton near Texas 288 and Highway 35. 

The Chronicle reports that the woman and her family "had driven from Houston to visit the area. When they stopped at the store, the woman climbed into the roof and refused to get down." 

Twitter users allege that the woman entered the store through an emergency exit in the back and climbed up a ladder to the roof. 

The woman did not take heed of pleas from police officers and, before a trained negotiator could make it to the store, the woman jumped from the nearly 25-feet-tall roof to land on her father's pickup truck in the parking lot below.

A Life Flight medical helicopter took the woman to Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center for treatment. Calls to the Angleton Police Department for more details were not immediately returned.

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