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A Houston flood scene: What's left behind when crazy rain pours in

Houston rains flooding floods May 2014
"Cleansing rains of Houston," Steven Baker titles his Twitter pic. Photo by Steven Baker/Twitter

We're not singing "rain, rain go away" just yet, and neither is Mother Nature, with chances of thunderstorms set to continue throughout the rest of the week.

Instead, temporary lulls in the storm are allowing high waters to subside, traffic to pick up its pace and people to venture outside — with umbrellas in tow.

Twitter user Steven Baker snapped this pic of debris left behind by a flooded low zone with the downtown skyline in the background set against a brightening sky. He captioned his photo, "Cleansing rains of Houston." We thought the image captured the essence of Houston's week of weather, so we choose it as CultureMap's Pix of the Day.

In addition to breaking the back of Houston's drought, the recent rains are keeping daytime temperatures in the low 80s. The National Weather Service is forecasting decreasing rain chances and then, clear skies by Sunday.

More sunny days are just around the corner. For better or for worse.

Got a great photo of a Houston happening or everyday occurrence? Send it to, along with details (who, what, where and why it's special). It might make our Pix of the Day.

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