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Ex Chronicle reporter stripper Sarah Tressler gives OTC strippers tips, hints at book deal

News_Hats in the Park_March 2012_Milton Townsend_Sarah Tressler_Jackson Hicks
Sarah Tressler is back — with tips for OTC strippers. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
News_Sarah Tressler_OTC_twitter
On her @AngryStripper account, Tressler has been tweeting words of encouragement to her fellow adult entertainers as OTC week kicks off. AngryStripper/Twitter
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Journalist Sarah Tressler was fired from The Houston Chronicle after her second job as an erotic dancer was outted by a Houston Press writer in March. The Angry Stripper/Facebook
News_OTC conference_April 2012
With more than 50,000 attendees each year, the Offshore Technology Conference one of the most lucrative times of year for Houston strippers. Photo by Tyler Rudick
News_Hats in the Park_March 2012_Milton Townsend_Sarah Tressler_Jackson Hicks
News_Sarah Tressler_OTC_twitter
News_sarah tressler_stripper_blurry
News_OTC conference_April 2012

This week's Offshore Technology Conference marks what is perhaps the most lucrative time of year for Houston's adult entertainment industry, one important enough to merit its own entry in the vocabulary section of former Houston Chronicle reporter-slash-erotic-dancer Sarah Tressler's infamous Diary of an Angry Stripper blog.

OTC: (n.) Offshore Technology Conference. It’s an early May oil-and-gas-related convention wherein some 50,000 oil-and-gas industry employees, executives, owners, and all-around big shots descend upon Houston . . . [A]ny stripper within a 100-mile radius of Houston, Tex. is sure to show up while OTC is going on.

With an opening day that featured video games and Hooters Girls, the OTC booths on the trade floor at Reliant Park unapologetically cater to the dude-heavy demographic of the conference.

In the evenings, the city's adult entertainment community keeps the party going — remember when Caroline Gallay scouted for hookers one OTC?  — and for the past week, Tressler's been posting words of encouragement to her fellow entertainers on her @AngryStripper Twitter feed.

"#OTCHouston officially starts tomorrow, but those oil and gas dudes are probably in town tonight," she tweeted Sunday. "Houston strippers, START YOUR ENGINES."

On Monday, it was down to brass tacks — music selections. "Can anyone think of any #OTCHOUSTON appropriate songs?" Tressler asked. "I mean, besides Smoke on the Water?"

Suggestions from Tressler's nearly 7,000 followers ranged to rock classics like ZZ Top's "Heaven, Hell, or Houston" and the Stone's "Paint It Black" to a number of new metal tracks like "Gasoline" by South Africa's Seether and System of a Down's "Toxicity."

Tressler's top pick, thus far? Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

While she kindly told CultureMap she wasn't doing interviews at this time, Tressler's tweets reveal several projects on the horizon including a mobile app. If we read into Friday's tweet, "Finalizing the cover for the Diary of an Angry Stripper :)" it also appears a book deal is already in the works.

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