Keep on Hoppin'

Bunnies on the Bayou brings out wild Easter bonnets and bare-chested hunks at 35th anniversary celebration

A picture-perfect Easter day brought out a large crowd to celebrate a Houston tradition: The 35th annual Bunnies on the Bayou party at the Wortham Theater Center's Fish Plaza.

The outdoor gathering, which started with a small group of gay friends in a Montrose apartment complex on Easter Sunday, 1979, has grown into a Guinness Book of World Records-worthy cocktail party and major charity fundraiser that draws revelers from across the nation.

Wild bonnets and bunny ears were everywhere in tribute to the Easter theme. And since it was such a sunny day, bare-chested hunks were flexing their muscles. "If you've got it, flaunt it " is the motto at this party.

Again this year, photographer Dalton DeHart captured the hoppy spirit of the occasion.


Festive hat coverings were a must for fashion reasons and also to shield from the sun.


Muscles on display.

All smiles at the Bunnies on the Bayou party.

Colorful bonnets are part of the Bunnies on the Bayou tradition.


The near-perfect Easter weather brought out a large crowd to the party at Fish Plaza and Sesquicentennial Park.

Partygoers pose for a group shot.

This trio in sunglasses had a hoppy day.

Some partygoers got painted for the occasion.

Bonnets galore!

Aqua bunnies.

DJs kept the crowd dancing.

Everyone likes to pose for a photo when photographer Dalton DeHart snaps away.

These partygoers had a "fan"-tastic time.

These volunteers were in the pink — and yellow — at the Bunnies on the Bayou party.

Lean and not-so-mean bunnies.

There's at least one trampy bunnie in this group. Just look at his shirt.

Can't wait 'til next year!