Gray Powell better not get fired

Apple's secret police fall to arrogance in top secret iPhone caper

Apple's secret police fall to arrogance in top secret iPhone caper

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Remember Apple's hippie underdog days? They're long gone

The saga of the young Apple software engineer who left his new top secret 4G iPhone on a Redwood City barstool takes a new twist.

According to Gizmodo's ongoing coverage (bet they didn't think their own ethics would take as much of the spotlight as the scoop), "the person who ended up with the phone" (what is this, Gizmodo, Harry Potter? Love that you have no trouble outing the poor bastard that lost the phone, but protect the dude who sold it to you for $5k) tried calling Apple to return it multiple times.

Gizmodo writes: "(the dude who ended up with the prototype) reached for a phone and called a lot of Apple numbers and tried to find someone who was at least willing to transfer his call to the right person, but no luck. No one took him seriously and all he got for his troubles was a ticket number."

Bet Apple's secret police feel like a bunch of asshats, now.

I say we all take this for what it is, an honest mistake (something Gizmodo totally acknowledges, but disregards to out Gray Powell anyway, potentially robbing him of his dream job). But Powell's honest mistake, I think, is trumped by Apple's hubris in thinking no one could possibly have an iPhone prototype to return.

Your security may be airtight, but it is obviously permeable to German beer.