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Shocked sadness

Horrific baby kidnapping & mom murder puts The Woodlands in Nancy Grace's crosshairs

News_Kala Golden_Keegan Schuchardt_mom_baby_The Woodlands_shot
Kala Marie Golden and Keegan Schuchardt
News_Northwoods Pediatric Center_Spring Texas
Northwoods Pediatric Center
News_deer_The Woodlands_stolen
The Woodlands isn't used to this type of attention. Photo by Edd Hayes
News_Kala Golden_Keegan Schuchardt_mom_baby_The Woodlands_shot
Kala Golden_Keegan Schuchardt
News_Kala Golden_Keegan Schuchardt_mom_baby_The Woodlands_shot
News_Northwoods Pediatric Center_Spring Texas
News_Verna Deann McClain_nurse_shooter_The Woodlands_Spring Texas
News_deer_The Woodlands_stolen
News_Kala Golden_Keegan Schuchardt_mom_baby_The Woodlands_shot

The typically sedate Woodlands area has found itself the center of national attention after the bizarre kidnapping of a 3-day-old newborn outside a pediatric clinic left a mother dead from multiple gunshot wounds Tuesday afternoon.

The horrific, shocking story is familiar to anyone who's watched the national news — Good Morning America and Nancy Grace are just two of the shows focusing on The Woodlands-area case.

Kala Marie Golden, 28, was putting baby Keegan in her truck around 2 p.m. after leaving the Northwoods Pediatric Center in Spring when she was approached by Verna McClain, who was parked in an adjacent space. After a reported verbal confrontation, McClain shot the mother several times and hit her as she reached for the baby.

The shooter drove away with Keegan, crashing into Golden's car. The mother was rushed to Memorial Herman Hospital in The Woodlands where she later died.

"The suspect? A registered nurse," Nancy Grace posted on Facebook. "Cops say she wanted to a 'adopt' a ba by for herself. Well she’s now charged with capital murder."

Following witness descriptions of the the shooter's car, police eventually came across McClain, who revealed during an interview that Keegan was located at her sister's home in a gated community just off FM 1960 in northern Harris County. At 8:30 p.m., Texas Rangers found the baby unharmed with the suspect’s sister, who said McLain has discussed adopting a child recently.

McClain, a registered vocational nurse who is currently employed in Harris County, was arrested and charged with capital murder by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

During a Wednesday press conference, police officials told reporters that the alleged killer had been pregnant with her fiancé's child and recently miscarried. She appeared to be planning to pass off Golden's baby as her own, hoping to convince her partner she had just given birth to his child, even though she is African-American and Baby Keegan is caucasian.

Always ready to turn the wheels of justice, Nancy Grace will be discussing the crime Wednesday night on Headline News (HLN) at 7 and 9 p.m. And probably for many nights to come.

"The good news is that the 3-day-old newborn baby boy torn from his mother outside a Texas pediatric center has been found safe," Grace posted on her Facebook page.

"BUT --- his young mom, just 28-yr-old years old, reportedly shot up to 7X’s & then run-over as she tried to save her baby is dead. The suspect? A registered nurse. Cops say she wanted to a “adopt” a baby for herself. Well she’s now charged with capital murder."

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.

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