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Not Just Craigslist

Houston ranked one of America's cyber crime hotspots and Dallas is even more Internet shady

You've started to doubt that Craigslist is the only shady scheme lurking on Internet when you're online shopping or just chatting with your friends. Nowadays it feels like someone is always watching you and all you can think about is identity, password and credit card theft.

It turns out your paranoia might not be so misplaced.

ThreatMetrix, a cyber crime prevention solutions company, has put together a list of the top 10 cities in America for cyber crime. Major metropolitan areas are of course hotspots for criminals and the list reflects that. New York, Atlanta and Chicago top the rankings in the first through third spots respectively.

Houston comes in at No. 8, while Dallas ranks sixth.

A billion e-commerce transactions in the 150 largest cities in America were monitored for the first quarter of the year. Every transaction was scored with a fraud ranking of low, medium or high. Those cities with the most medium and high-risk transactions vaulted to the top of the list.

“As fraudsters grow more sophisticated and expand globally, it’s only natural that large cities with international profiles, easy access to shipping and high connectivity rates will become breeding grounds for new generations of cyber threats, including both fraud and malware,” ThreatMetrix's Alisdair Faulkner said in a statement.

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