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5 strange things Yvonne Stern said on 20/20

5 strange things Yvonne Stern said on 20/20

With a trial starting next week, 20/20 and Chris Cuomo traveled to Bellaire to tell the story of the strange murder-for-hire case of Yvonne Stern, who survived three attempts on her life, and her husband Jeffrey Stern, who has been charged with soliticitation of murder in the plot.

The case of a prominent society couple, a mistress and a gaggle of incompetent would-be hitmen would be strange enough, but Yvonne Stern's decision to forgive her husband and stand by him even as he's on trial has created a national sensation.

Stern sat down with Cuomo for a lengthy interview, and some of her answers just seemed so . . . sad.

The full episode is available here, but here are the five biggest head-scratchers:

5. "There was never an indication of any sort that would've given me that clue that he was having an affair. And I'm not a naïve woman."

Right, you're just a woman who found out your husband had a lengthy affair and still believes everything he tells you. Perhaps 'naïve' isn't the word we're looking for.

4. "He was a victim, too, of her trickery."

I believe the proper way to absolve a man of guilt in having an affair is to use the phrase "feminine wiles."

3."Is this the plot of a mastermind? My husband is brilliant, he's smart, he's talented. He would never be capable of doing such a terrible job. [If he wanted me dead,] I would've been dead."

On one hand, I see your point. On the other, maybe this is not the best way to compliment your husband.

2. "I even questioned, 'Do you have him on tape? Do you have him on video?'"

Yvonne Stern apparently believes that unless someone commits a crime while on camera, it's impossible that they did it. To be fair, this is also the current legal thinking in Florida.

1. "I kept thinking, 'Why? Why did I live? Why did I survive this?' I know why. I survived to be the voice for my husband."

Oh, honey.

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