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The secret back story of world's smallest dog: And what does the real Beyoncé think?

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Four-ounce puppy Beyonce was saved at birth by a veterinarian giving CPR. ABC
The other Beyonce

Beyoncé Knowles is now the second most famous Beyoncé in the world. Houston's music superstar has been upstaged by a puppy!

A dachshund, miniature pinscher and chihuahua mix has just been certified as being named the "World's Tiniest Puppy" — a new category made specially for the pup by the World Records Academy. The almost stillborn puppy weighed less than ounce, around the size of a business card or an iPhone, and cheated death four times before birth.

 "We wanted to give her a very strong person to aspire to be," Decaprio said. 

Beth Decaprio, owner of the Grace Foundation in Northern California, who promotes rescue adoptions, saved Casey, Beyoncé's mother. She gave the newborn her special name as a relevant tribute to the singer's famous song, "Survivor."

"We wanted to give her a very strong person to aspire to be," Decaprio said.

The puppy had to be revived by CPR repeatedly. Luckily Beyoncé, the very last of her siblings to be born (who is still half-the size of the rest of the litter at only four ounces) is now a healthy dog. She's been fighting and surviving her whole life.

Beyoncé will be available for adoption in two weeks.

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