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The TV Frenzy Begins

Houston Chronicle reporter stripper Sarah Tressler to appear on Good Morning America

News_Sarah_stripper_tweet_Good Morning America
Sarah Tressler's angry stripper tweets Twitter
News_Sarah Tressler_stripper_swimsuit
Sarah Tressler The Angry Stripper/Facebook
News_Sarah_stripper_tweet_Good Morning America
News_Sarah Tressler_stripper_swimsuit

UPDATE: Sarah Tressler's appearance on Good Morning America has been moved to Friday morning.


The past 24 hours have been interesting for Sarah Tressler, the Houston Chronicle society writer outed by the Houston Press' Richard Connelly for moonlighting as a stripper.  

From the New York Daily News to Jezebel to the United Kingdom's Daily Mail, media from across the globe have picked up on the sensational story, piecing together Tressler's background and postulating on her motives based on posts from her thinly-veiled blog, Diary of an Angry Stripper (since marked private), and corresponding Twitter account.

 "What to wear? One of my brilliant friends suggested clear heels," Tressler tweeted. 

Now, all will have a chance to hear Tressler speak for herself: Tressler tweeted that she'll be a guest on ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday morning. A source confirmed the scheduled appearance to CultureMap, saying that she left for New York Wednesday morning to appear in studio Thursday.

"What to wear? One of my brilliant friends suggested clear heels," Tressler tweeted

We'll be up early, tuned into ABC and waiting with bated breath to hear what she has in store. 
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