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Hand Doc Drama

Infamous hand doc perfects the crazy eyes — as judge rejects ridiculous get out of jail bid

Michael Brown, jail, sick
A Harris County judge rejected Brown's attempts to secure an early release to help with his company and nurse himself back to health after contracting E. coli. Illustration by Jan-Pieter Zuiderveen
Michael Brown, E. col
The doctor's jail sentence is scheduled to last through September. Photo by Tyler Rudick
Michael Brown, E. coli
Brown attorney John Nichols in counsel with his client Photo by Tyler Rudick
Michael Brown, E. col
Brown's temporary digs at Harris County family court Photo by Tyler Rudick
Michael Brown, jail, sick
Michael Brown, E. col
Michael Brown, E. coli
Michael Brown, E. col

Hand surgeon Michael Brown looked more crazy-eyed than usual Monday afternoon, as his attorneys attempted to get Harris County judge Sheri Dean to grant him an early release from the 180-day jail sentence he started on March 8.

And why might the courts consider freedom for a man who blatantly disregarded an order to not spend extravagantly during his pending divorce from Rachel Brown? A gentleman who doesn't consider buying two yachts and three mansions "out of reason" while he avoids paying child support?

"I don't enjoy putting people in jail or keeping them there," the judge  said. "But he needs to do more . . . Come back and tell me he's done something."

According to his legal team, Brown needs be released to assist with the current financial reorganization of his lucrative Brown Hand Center empire. Oh yeah, and he has E. coli.

Considering Brown still hasn't paid for his wife's expenses, Judge Dean promptly refused the request. And while she was sorry to hear about Brown's "medical problem," she flatly noted that the sudden jump into prison life can be a shock a new inmate's immune system.

"I don't enjoy putting people in jail or keeping them there," she said. "But he needs to do more . . . Come back and tell me he's done something."

In an effort to move along the never-ending divorce proceedings, Dean required the two parties to continue talks Monday afternoon. Another hearing to review Brown's jail stay was scheduled for April 4.

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