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America's Most Trustworthy Companies live in Houston: Businesses earn big honor

If corporations are to be considered persons in the eyes of the law, they'd at least do well to be considered upright ones. And among Houston's business community, two have been recognized on Forbes Magazine's 2013 list of "America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies."

Enbridge Energy Partners LP, an energy transportation and distribution company headquartered in downtown Houston, ranked among the most trustworthy in the large-cap category, with a $7.2 billion market value. In the micro-cap category was Furmanite Corp., a pipeline and plant maintenance services company. 

Forbes used data from GMI Ratings to examine more than 8,000 companies, which were divided into four different size categories. 

To qualify for the list, each company had to count a market cap of $250 million or more, be in good standing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and have a positive forecast for returns and stability. 

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