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Can you believe he's single? Hand Center doc sues ex-wife for being "inhumane" & blames Jeff Bagwell

Dr. Michael Brown at Una Note in Italia in 2009 Photo by Daniel Ortiz
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Six months after he was acquitted of assault charges, Brown Hand Center founder Michael Brown is once again going up against his ex-wife Rachel Brown in court.

Brown's company, ProMed Inc., filed a lawsuit in federal court last week against Rachel Brown and her attorney Marshall Davis Brown (no relation) as well as against former ProMed employee Manny Guyot and his attorney Linda Glover, alleging the defendants conspired to "devalue his businesses" in order to gain advantage in their respective pending litigations against him.

The lawsuit specifically alleges that Guyot stole a computer from ProMed and that he worked with the other defendants to "disseminate the trade secrets, proprietary, confidential and privileged information [sic], and intellectual property belonging to Plaintiff for the purpose of destroying or otherwise harming Plaintiff and its assignors." The suit also alleges that the defendants changed the signatories on a bank account and unlawfully removed funds from that bank account.

 According to the suit, Rachel Brown is currently looking for a home to share with former Astros star Jeff Bagwell, and the couple plans to marry after both their divorces are final. 

“Michael Brown is the victim of a scheme, by his ex-wife and her attorney, to destroy his companies,” Brown’s attorney Mark Tate said in a press release.

According to the suit, Rachel is currently looking for a home to share with former Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell, and the couple plans to marry after both their divorces are final. But while many would assume this gives her less reason to take action against a violent ex-husband, according to the complaint the relationship is her "motivation" for participating in the conspiracy.

"Rachel Brown profits from the Plaintiffs [sic] devaluation as it would cripple her estranged husband’s ability to contest her inhumane activities," the suit states.

While filing one lawsuit, Brown also petitioned to have another dismissed. Michael Brown responded to the suit against him by an ex-girlfriend in New York for allegedly giving her vaginal and anal herpes and lying about it.

Though the lawsuit was filed under an alias, Brown counters in this press release that there is no merit to her claims and legal basis for his accuser to remain anonymous, adding "plaintiffs apparent concern over the 'sensitive, personal and embarrassing nature' of the allegations involved did not prevent her from filing the Summons and Complaint using defendant's legal name." Then, Brown outs the woman's real name in the press release.

Is it possible that Michael Brown doesn't realize that nothing "devalues" his company more than continued news of his exploits in the press?

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