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$500,000 bail

Notorious Brown Hand doctor lets "Daddy's Baby Girl" down: Jailed for failing to pay child support

Dr. Michael Brown, behind bars, in jail
Dr. Michael Brown is behind bars, this time for a child support violation.  Photo illustration by Jan-Pieter Zuiderveen

Distracted by assault allegationsmessy divorces and possible money problems, Dr. Michael Brown — founder of the national chain of Brown Hand Centers — apparently still isn't doing the whole "caring for his own family" thing quite as well as advertised. (Brown, of course, first became known for his infamous, creepy, "Daddy's Baby Girl" TV commercials.) 

On Monday, the doomed doc was put behind bars at the Harris County Jail for an alleged child support violation. No word yet which of the five children he has defaulted payment, or whether it's connected to his Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in late January and recent quick about-face.

Brown's bond has been set at $500,000. A spokesperson from the Harris County District Attorney's Office tells KTRK Ch. 13 that Brown was scheduled to appear before a judge Tuesday. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in the saga of Dr. Brown. 

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