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What happened to Channel 13's 10 o'clock news? Broadcast goes MIA

What happened to Channel 13's 10 o'clock news? Broadcast goes MIA

Viewers who tuned into Channel 13's 10 o'clock newscast Tuesday night in anticipation of the latest election results were puzzled when ads for the network's various newscasts and even an outdated political ad for Sen. John Cornyn appeared in a continuous loop for more than 15 minutes. Briefly, an episode of Inside Edition also appeared.

Finally, the KTRK newscast started at 10:19 p.m. as anchors Gina Gaston and Eric Barajas made a quick apology before launching into an abbreviated newscast. "Thank you for being with us, sticking around with us," Gaston said as the broadcast ended and led into Jimmy Kimmel Live at 10:44 p.m.

It was probably good that longtime anchor Dave Ward had the night off or he might have blown a gasket. Last September, Ward apologized on the air after one newscast was marred by numerous technical errors, calling it a "train wreck," according to a story on the Mike McGuff website.

The Twitterverse surmised several possibilities for the latest problem.

"This weather has jacked everything UP," one person tweeted

"Did Ellen's celebrity #selfie break Channel 13 too?" asked another.

"Zombie apocalypse, natch," was the ultimate reason offered by one viewer.

Here's what 13 had to say on Twitter:

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