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Google goof up: World's biggest search engine gets date of Go Texan Day wrong

Go Texan Day Google has wrong date February 2014
If you search "Go Texan Day" on Google, you'll simply be getting the dates of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Google
Go Texan Day young girls in cowboy boots
Don't follow Google's suggestion that March 4 is Go Texan Day. Wear your country best tomorrow instead! Courtesy photo
Go Texan Day Google has wrong date February 2014
Go Texan Day young girls in cowboy boots

We all know that Google is great for so many things (like solving arguments at the dinner table). Unfortunately, telling you the date of Texas' favorite holiday isn't one of them.

Several members of the CultureMap office were gravely confused about the date of Go Texan Day, thanks to Google. If you input the words 'Go Texan Day', a Google search pops up with a box that says, "Go Texan Day begins on Tuesday, March 4 and ends on Sunday, March 23."

I, like most of you, take what I see on Google as gospel. This time, however, Google is wrong (gasp!).

While it's an (almost) forgivable mistake for a non-Texan to confuse the dates of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which in fact does cover that 20-day time period, with Go Texan Day, which typically falls on the Friday before, I would rather those dates not be the first — and rather hugely written — results I find on my Google search page. 

So instead of listening to everyone's favorite search engine, why don't you take our word for it and celebrate Go Texan Day on Friday by dressing up in your best western togs?

And, remember, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet.

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