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The horniest college campus in America: University of Texas No. 1 ranked in DTF

Sex in the shower
Is Austin filled with horny co-eds? 

The University of Texas is making national headlines for a high ranking. Just maybe not one university officials will be thrilled about.

Texas comes in No. 1 on College Magazine's rankings of the "Most DTF Campuses." DTF stands for exactly what you probably think. The rankings are all about sex and which college you're most likely to get some.

For the ranking, researchers looked at "the party scenes, hookup culture, sexual health resources and even streaking incidents" of colleges to determine the ones "where everything goes and nothing stays on."

 The article makes the Texas campus out to be a veritable shark tank teeming with horny coeds.  

Employing every Texas cliché and double entendre imaginable*, the article makes the Texas campus out to be a veritable shark tank teeming with horny coeds. 

Though that certainly wasn't part of my experience at UT, I can see how College Magazine's supposed "research" might point to this conclusion: UT Austin does boast a huge enrollment (50,000 students strong) and a long-standing reputation as a party school

And, according to Men's Health Magazine, Austin ranks No. 1 in a list of "America's Most Sex-Happy Cities" based on condom sales, birth rates and STD rates. An unfamiliar person might come to the conclusion that UT's presence in the state capital heavily influences that ranking but, in truth, the student body makes up only a very small fraction of the city's total population

Therefore, until I see some objective research, I'm taking this ranking with a grain of salt. 

Other schools that round out the list are Arizona State University, University of California Santa Barbara, Florida State University, University of Florida, Penn State, University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, Vassar College and Rutgers University. 

*Though that might be the fault of another article ranking the "Most Sexually Friendly College Campuses," published last September on, and from which a good deal of the College Magazine article's text appears to have been taken, almost verbatim. 

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