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Dream date? Men and women disagree on where to go, what to drink and who picks up the tab

Dream date? Sexes differ on where to go, what to drink and who pays

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Attention men: Toast your date but don't drink the wine. A recent survey indicates a large number of women don't like men who drink wine.

Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex thinks of your drinking and dating habits? Wist — an app for personalized food and drink recommendations — surveyed 1,000 people nationally and found that men and women have rather strong (and different) opinions when it comes to dating and drinking.

On a date, most men prefer their "dream woman" to drink wine (35 percent) or a specialty cocktail like a mojito or margarita (26 percent). The survey also found that men don't like women who drink beer (preferred by only 18 percent), well drinks such as rum and Coke (15 percent) or shots (a mere 1 percent). 

On a date, men don't like women who drink beer and women don't like men who drink wine.  

Women, on the other hand, prefer men who drink well drinks like gin and tonic (33 percent) or beer (30 percent). In comparison, they don't like men who drink wine (preferred by only 19 percent), specialty cocktails (12 percent) or shots (just 4 percent). 

As for location, men prefer a fun, casual restaurant for their "ideal" date location, while fewer would like to shell out at a fancy establishment (34 percent). Only 22 percent would like to stay in for a home-cooked meal.

For their "perfect date," women would prefer enjoying a home-cooked meal (38 percent) or an evening at a casual restaurant (32 percent). Only 23 percent said they would prefer dinner at a fancy restaurant. 

Now that you're done with dinner, who pays? According to the study, most men (57 percent) expect to pay for a date while 20 percent believe the date's initiator should pay. Just 18 percent of men think it's best to split the check.

Contrary to what you might believe, only 36 percent of women think it's a man's responsibility to pay. Another 31 percent want to split the bill and 29 percent think it's the responsibility of the date's initiator.

So what have you learned? Don't bring a date to a fancy restaurant, drink shots and make the other person pay. 

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