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Pet of the week: Kenzie can't deal with local politician's nonstop calls

Pet of the week: Kenzie is done with local politician's nonstop calls

Hoffman - Pet of the Week - Kenzie
Kenzie is a sweet girl who is fine with you — but not pushy politicians.  Courtesy photo
Kenzie Brown actress
This is another Kenzie (Dalton), who's not up for adoption.  Photo by Dwight Brown
Horse Altuveatbat Ken Hoffman
Remember Altuveatbat? Ken has his money on him this weekend.  Courtesy photo
Hoffman - Pet of the Week - Kenzie
Kenzie Brown actress
Horse Altuveatbat Ken Hoffman

Pethouse Pet of the Week

Name: Kenzie, as in Youtube star Kenzie Nimmo, Youtube star Kenzie Elizabeth, Youtube star Kenzie Taylor Borowski, Youtube star Kenzie WeeeFamFun, race car driver, Kenzie Ruston and actress Kenzie Dalton. (I have never heard of any of these people.)

Birthdate: July 19, 2016. Famous events that happened on July 19 (besides me being born): first Tom and Jerry cartoon (1941), Lizzie Borden born (1860), and it’s Liberation Day in Nicaragua.

Ethnicity: I’m equal parts Chihuahua, Short Coat Terrier, and Jack Russell Terrier — give or take a few other chromosomes. I’m on the smallish side: 11 pounds of pure joy. I’m easygoing and a lot of fun, but I’m wary around older children. And I’m not a cat person, so don’t get any ideas. I know a few commands like sit, no and stay. Basically, I’m a sweetie girl who will be a longtime pal.

Come and get me: I'm available for adoption at 11 am Friday, February 16, at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, "Ken sent me."

What’s on Kenzie’s mind: Here’s the deal. About a month ago, a local candidate knocked on my door. He brought his kids, always a vote clincher. We talked for a few minutes and I thought, “You know, this guy makes a lot of sense. I think I’ll vote for him.”

Then the phone calls started. First one, then two, then three...we’re up to seven now. This has to stop. So annoying and rude. One more phone call, and I will not only vote for his opponent — I’ll start making phone calls for his opponent.

Betting on this speedy Astros namesake
I’m not a track tout, but I’m laying $10 on Altuveatbat in the seventh race Saturday night (February 17) at Sam Houston Race Park. This will be the second time he’s run. A couple of weeks ago, he finished second and paid a nifty $5.20, $3.40. Sam Houston Race Park also has Wiener Dog races and $1 hot dogs Saturday night. I’m losing money if I don’t go.

I have finished my spring garden planting. This year I’m growing lots of basil (my signature), Italian oregano, red bell pepper, mint, and green bell pepper. I’ve given up trying to grow tomatoes. Squirrels, you win.

The Ken Hoffman speaking tour
I will be making a major policy speech, noon on March 8, at the River Oaks Luncheon Club. Email luncheonclubrsvp@gmail.com for ticket information.


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