Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever

The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever: These love duds squash any sexy thoughts — and guarantee a cold night

The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever: These love duds squash sexy fun

Bittersweets Candies
Unlike the adorable messages on Sweethearts, Bittersweets negative comments — ranging from "Booty 2 Big" to "U Left Seat Up" — will have anyone mad at you. Despair.com
IKEA Meatballs
Don't take your date to IKEA on Valentine's, no matter how good the deal. NPR.org
Sugar Free Valentine's Candy
Valentine's is not for those who hate sugar and should be celebrated as such. Walmart
Moss of the Month Club
Looking for a unique gift? Check out a six month subscription to the "Moss of the Month" club! Teresab123 / Etsy
Heart Boxers
Valentine's-themed boxers (or clothes items in general) are always a bad idea. Amazon.com
Alessi Figure Valentine's
This strange conjoined figurine really highlights the romantic feelings conjured by Valentine's Wayfair
Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies
What could possibly be better than tasteless take-out cookies dipped in cheap milk chocolate? ProFlowers
Bittersweets Candies
IKEA Meatballs
Sugar Free Valentine's Candy
Moss of the Month Club
Heart Boxers
Alessi Figure Valentine's
Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to tell your special someone how you feel, but many people still mess it up. In spectacular fashion.

Here's a list of the worst Valentine's Day gifts anyone's likely to receive. Hopefully, your beau didn't make one of these blunders.

1. "Bittersweets" Candies

Forget the playful Sweethearts of your youth. Bittersweets are the perfect way to tell your loved one that things aren't as great as they may seem (and things are really, in fact, over between you two). With messages like "No Mon No Fun," "Tradin U In" and (perhaps the best) "Dog Is Cuter," you can let your (not so) special someone know that they will be having a lonely Valentine's, likely spent eating these tasty, mean-spirited candies.

2. $20 Dinner for Two at IKEA

Don't get me wrong: IKEA food has its place. Unfortunately, it isn't for dinner on Valentine's Day.

Spending all day in the mecca of affordable Scandinavian furniture is fine, just so long as it isn't "the most romantic day of the year" and I'm not forced to eat an unbelievably cheap and rather terrible three-course meal in a food court full of screaming children.

3. Sugar-Free Chocolates

Unless you're buying them for your diabetic grandmother, a box of sugar-free chocolates sends the wrong message to nearly any recipient. Let's choose not to make our loved ones think they should lose some weight on this special day.

Remember: It's Valentine's Day and all diets take that day off.

4. Moss of the Month Club (Six Month Membership)

Ask yourself: Does my special someone love moss? Do they love moss enough to receive it monthly for six months? If you answered "yes," then the "Moss of the Month Club" six-month membership is just what you need!

Not only is the gift completely useless and strange, but it's a great deal since for a one-time payment of only $50, you get $60 to $90 worth of moss and lichens.

5. Valentine's-Themed Boxers

Just think about it this way: Your boyfriend/husband is not going to want anything to do with heart-emblazoned boxers, no matter the holiday. Also, what use are candy hearts on boxers after Valentine's is over?

6. Alessi Figure I Valentini Figurine by Marcello Jori and LPWK

Show your loved one just how much you care with this (not at all scary) bald, conjoined figurine. This strange kiss caught in porcelain truly says it all — if you're trying to be a creep on Valentine's.

7. Gym Membership

So your girlfriend/boyfriend has repeatedly said they want to join a gym. Now is (absolutely) not the time to indulge this wish. Let's try to keep self-esteem high on this special day (which also means avoiding all fitness-related items like workout wear and weights).

8. Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

When spending $30 on 12 cookies, they probably shouldn't consist of bland (but pretty) sprinkles and cheap milk chocolate on the tasteless cookies that come with your take-out. 

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