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Sexting is America's new favorite pastime — with strangers welcome: New sex study shocks with truth

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Sixty-one percent of men cop to sexting according to a new survey.

Valentine's Day is nearly here, and according to a new survey, most Americans will be exchanging more than just flowers and chocolates. The 2014 McAfee "Love, Relationships and Technology Survey" reveals that 54 percent of adults engage in sexting, and 33 percent film sexual content on their mobile devices.

The global survey polled more than 9,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 54. America leads all nations in sexting, though the gap is shrinking as technology becomes more prevalent in all corners of the world.

 Although 77 percent of sexters send their racy photos to significant others, 10 percent of respondents admitted to sexting with total strangers.

Sharing intimate photos with a significant other may seem harmless enough, but the survey also found that 46 percent of Americans admit to giving out their pass codes, which could result in private information going public.

“With all the stories we’ve heard about intimate photos being leaked, it’s hard to believe people are still sharing their passwords,” McAfee's Gary Davis said in a statement.

Not surprisingly, sexting is most popular with ages 18 to 24; 70 percent of young adults have received sexually suggestive content on their phones. Men are slightly naughtier than women when it comes to digital promiscuity scale, with 61 percent of men and 48 percent of women admitting to sexting.

Although 77 percent of sexters send their racy photos to significant others, 10 percent of respondents admitted to sexting with total strangers.

About 70 percent of smartphone users currently employ a passcode, which is a 30 percent increase from 2013. Of course, when users share their passcode, it offers little protection. Perhaps that's why 72 percent of people say they change their phone's passcode after a breakup.

But with 45 percent of people admitting to storing intimate photos they've received, changing one's password might be too little too late. 

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