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The power of love: Houston couple makes it to the finals of Good Morning America's wild wedding showdown

Houston couple on Good Morning America Epic Showdown February 2014
Houston's own Abria Haynes and Christopher Magee have made it to the final round of Good Morning America's "Epic Wedding Showdown."

Talk about a dream run.

After competing against hundreds of couples on Good Morning America's "Epic Wedding Showdown" contest, Houston's Abria Haynes and Christopher Magee advanced to the finals as one of the last two couples.

What were they competing for on national TV? The chance to win a dream Valentine's Day wedding ceremony, complete with a special performance by music superstar John Legend, all live on GMA.

But alas, it wasn't to be.

The intense final round consisted of trivia questions. After each couple had successfully answered a question, Haynes and Magee were stumped by the following movie hint: "Things take a turn for the worse when the bridal party celebrates at a sub-par Brazilian restaurant." After passing it to the other team (who correctly answered Bridesmaids), competing couple Alex and Jeremy were deemed the winners of the unforgettable Valentine's wedding.

The couples competed in physical challenges to get this far with Cake Boss reality TV star Buddy Valastro narrowing things down to two finalist couples, including Houston's own.

Magee works in the wireless industry and Haynes is completing her doctorate at Texas A&M University. Haynes wants to get married on national TV on Valentine's Day in order to take Magee's name and "have it appear on her degree."

Although the Houston lovebirds didn't win it all, they beat out hundreds of contestants from across the United States to make the final round and were congratulated for "representing H-town." Surely the competition brought Haynes and Magee even closer together and hopefully the pair will still get their version of a dream wedding.

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