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Joel Osteen is a hunk! Topless beach shot reveals body of the Gods

Pastor Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen praises a healthy diet. It works for him.  Photo courtesy of Lakewood Church

Joel Osteen's 225-pound bench press on 60 Minutes may have looked like an act of God, but he certainly has the bod to show for it.

The Lakewood megachurch televangelist was spotted shirtless by TMZ while vacationing in Hawaii with his wife, Victoria, and their children Jonathan and Alexandra

 When it comes to health, the 48-year-old pastor practices what he preaches. 

 And now the world can finally see what Osteen's custom-tailored suits have been hiding. 

Osteen is known to jog regularly and give health advice on the Joel Osteen Ministries' blog — but his pectorals and six pack prove that, when it comes to health, the 48-year-old pastor seems to practice what he preaches. 

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