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The best companies to work for in Houston: Fortune is naming names

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EOG Resources
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Methodist Hospital

The Fortune 500 list measures the biggest companies in the United States, but there's another list from the magazine that's just as important for employees.

Fortune's 2012 list of the 100 Best Companies To Work For has been released, and four Houston firms made the list.

Apartment giant Camden Property Trust was the highest-ranked company headquartered in Houston, earning a No. 7 spot in part for their surprise bonuses for employees, which according to Fortune ranged from $100 to $5,000 in 2011. Camden also ranked third overall for work-life balance.

F ortune named the hospital No. 2 for the hiring of minorities and No. 12 among the country’s large companies. 

Methodist Hospital came in at No. 53 in its seventh consecutive year on the list. The only health care organization in Texas to earn a spot, Methodist ranks highly in both salaried and hourly employee pay and Fortune named the hospital No. 2 for the hiring of minorities and No. 12 among the country’s large companies.

Men's Wearhouse, which has its headquarters in Houston, ranked No. 55 on the list. The retailer stood out for its affordable child-care options as well as a rare policy offering paid three-week vacations and sabbaticals for employees after five years.

Houston's fourth top company is oil and gas company EOG Resources at No. 72. In addition to ranking highly in pay for both salaried and hourly employees, it is one of only 14 companies in the top 100 to pay for the entirely of its employees' healthcare premiums.

Eleven companies on the Fortune list have Texas headquarters, and nearly a fourth of the list have significant operations in the state.

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