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Yipes, stripes! Tiger stops traffic in Humble

News_tiger on roof_at night
Life-size stuffed tiger atop hotel Photo via The Sun
News_tiger on roof_closeup
Firefighters retrieve toy tiger Photo via The Sun

The Houston Fire Department's phone was ringing off the hook Wednesday night as traffic piled up along Humble's Will Clayton Parkway and Eastex Freeway and chaos ensued — all because of a tiger on a roof.

 Drivers who passed by the abandoned hotel building couldn't resist staring and wondering why there was a life-size tiger sitting on top of the roof.

 Drivers who passed by the abandoned hotel building couldn't resist staring and wondering what the life-size tiger was doing there. Concerned passersby called on the fire department to come out and take a look at the unusual discovery. HFD Captain Ruy Lozano told CultureMap that "we never really cover this part of Houston but received the most calls and attention because of this tiger."

It was a bit of a letdown when the "traffic hazard" turned out to be a stuffed animal.

No one has found out who instigated the prank. Even if was intentional, Lozano said the tiger was immediately "eliminated from the public" in order not be a traffic disturbance. There were no injuries sustained although everyone seemed to be going a bit mad with their reaction.

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