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Injuries not serious

Kinder Morgan CEO Rich Kinder back at work after holiday ski accident

News_Rich Kinder
Rich Kinder in 2011 photo

Rich Kinder, co-founder and CEO of Kinder Morgan, is back at work after a skiing accident that took place in Colorado over the holidays.

Kinder, 68, injured both legs while skiing near his home in Aspen.

"While he’s getting around a little slower than usual, the injuries are not serious, and he is fully engaged as CEO of the company. He worked from home through the holidays but is back in the office now," Kinder Morgan manager of communications Emily Mir wrote in an email.

Kinder, who is the richest Houstonian in the latest Forbes list of the world's billionaires, owns a home valued at $11 million on the Roaring Fork River in lower Woody Creek, according to the Aspen Business Journal.

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