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Bill Cosby furor hits Houston: Symphony cancels upcoming show, but plans to reschedule alleged rapist

Bill Cosby furor hits home: Symphony cancels show, but will reschedule

Bill Cosby Houston Symphony Far From Finished
The Houston Symphony has canceled a performance that featured disgraced actor Bill Cosby. Courtesy photo

One of Bill Cosby's most memorable lines on The Cosby Show was: "I'm so good, I don't even know what to do with myself."

The then-lovable father of the popular sitcom allegedly knew exactly what to do though.

According to numerous claims, the latest of which is detailed by actress Beverly Johnson in an article headlined "Bill Cosby Drugged Me. This is My Story" in Vanity Fair magazine, Cosby is a serial sexual predator. The legendary comedian has been accused of rape and sexual assault by more than 26 women. He has been not charged in any of the cases yet, but is being sued for at least one of the women.

What's a conservative arts presenter such as the Houston Symphony to do knowing it was set to take the stage with The Coz? The answer? Call it off.

"Both parties felt like it was the right decision at this time."

Houston Symphony officials have cancelled its planned Jan. 24 Houston show with Cosby "by mutual agreement with the intent to reschedule in a future season," according to a statement from the arts organization. No rescheduling date has been set.

The Houston Symphony, which is not offering further comments on the matter, insists that the decision was mutual and amicable.

"Both parties felt like it was the right decision at this time," Symphony senior director of communications Vanessa Astros writes in an email.

Smart move.

Those with tickets to the canceled show will be notified by the Houston Symphony and given options.