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Great Green Buildings
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NASA/Johnson Space Center

Yes, launching a rocket takes up a considerable amount of energy. But NASA's astronaut quarantine center — where the space guys go to rehabilitate after doing their spacey things — is a LEED-certified facility with an enthalpy wheel heat reclaim system, ultra-violet lighting and all-native plants. (Native to earth).

Toyota Center Map It
1510 Polk St.

The Toyota Center boasts retrofitted lighting, 115 trees, 33,287 square feet of landscaping and in 2008, it reduced its greenhouse gas by 3,147 tons. Take that, Dallas Mavericks!

First City Tower

First City Tower was certified LEED Gold in 2009, proving that existing older buildings (it was completed in 1981) can be greened. An online service to tenants also helps them buy cost effective, environmentally sensitive products and services.

Clayton Library Map It
5300 Caroline St.

Clayton Library was restored in a $6.8 million project that established LEED Silver certification, proving again that thoughtful retrofitting of historic structures can have great, green results.

Horizon Wind Energy

It's no shocker that an alternative energy company would strive for green office space. Horizon Wind Energy is certified LEED Silver and utlizes recycled granite flooring, dimming systems, locally manufactured materials, low-flow plumbing and shower rooms. Every space has access to daylight and employees have to carpool — there are parking spots for only half of them.

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