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Sage 400 Japanese Cuisine

Sushi master chef

Where should you sit at a sushi restauant? We always go for a seat at the bar. Sushi shouldn’t be allowed to sit out for very long, not even for a minute. The rice cools off quickly, becoming cloddish in the process. But if you’re at the bar, the sushi goes from the chef to you sans waiter, who could be busy taking somebody’s order. In the case of Sage 400, the coveted spot is right in front of Kubosan. That way you can be sure he's the one to cut your sushi.  (In Japan, it’s typical to add “san” to someone’s first name. It’s a show of respect as in the case of chef Kubo, a master sushi chef who has taught countless of chefs in Houston how to slice and dice.) There are good sushi chefs and there are great ones. The gifted ones just know how to wield a knife. How you cut fresh raw fish can dictate its texture. That in turn impacts the taste. We can’t explain it; just test it out yourself. Order sushi from Kubosan and try the same from another sushi chef. The differences are subtle. But to a sushi lover, it’s vividly noticeable. Kubosan’s sushi or sashimi will seem more tender, melting soft. The Japanese also believe that you eat with your eyes first. Kubosan’s sashimi’s arrangement is always artfully, dramatically so at times. Hail to the master.

When you’re pleased with the sushi, honor the chef by buying his favorite sake. In Sage 400 case, however, you’ll want to buy a beer. Kubosan’s favorite pour is Bud Light.

2800 Sage Road A400
Houston, TX 77056
Sun: noon - 10pm
Mon: 11am - 10pm
Tue: 11am - 10pm
Wed: 11am - 10pm
Thu: 11am - 10pm
Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat: noon - 11pm
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