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Red & White Wine Bistro

Not-so-average food for events

The average sporting event food consists of overpriced hot dogs, greasy popcorn and mediocre beer. However, Red & White Wine Bistro, located on the Lower Suites level of the Toyota Center, is offering patrons a more upscale alternative to typical event dining. Serving a variety of international cuisine to a sophisticated dining room of dark wood accents and a dramatic open kitchen. In addition to the yummy eats, Red & White offers a collection of more than 3,000 wines and from the two-story glass cooler.

Diners have two options: any ticketed guest can eat in the main dining area, or premium tickets can be bought for the ledge seating, which offers views of all the action while feasting on the chef's table buffet.

1510 Polk St.
Houston, TX 77002
Good to Know
  • $$$
  • Beer/Wine

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