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Dot Coffee Shop


Dot Coffee Shop is like an authentic greasy spoon diner got married to a corporate 24-hour chain and had a baby. A big, delicious, gravy-topped baby situated on I-45 in south Houston. It's got all the appeal and sugar-tongued waitstaff of a greasy spoon and the cleanliness and professionalism of a big chain; the best of both worlds. Owned and operated by the Pappas company, this diner cooks up a mean chicken fried steak with some of the city's best gravy (don't tell your mom or she might feel a little inadequate). Breakfast items are all tremendously large and definitely in charge of increasing the girth of your waistline, but you'll be so fat and happy you won't mind moving your belt a notch or two.

Despite its name, it really is meant to be more of a diner than a coffee shop, so don't expect a latte once you get inside.

7006 I-45 S.
Houston, TX 77087
Sun: 12:01am - midnight
Mon: 12:01am - midnight
Tue: 12:01am - midnight
Wed: 12:01am - midnight
Thu: 12:01am - midnight
Fri: 12:01am - midnight
Sat: 12:01am - midnight
Good to Know
  • Fast Casual
  • $
  • Takeout
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