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Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Texas' oldest craft brewery

These local brewmasters have earned a cult following with their classic Amber Ale, the summery Weedwacker, and the crisp, German-inspired Fancy Lawnmower. The single batch series of Divine beers always causes a minor frenzy when they are released, and Saint Arnold's encourages fans to get together and enjoy the beer with legendary mystery bar crawls (to hit all the bars, patrons have to follow the location clues given out in the newsletter and via Twitter). The Saturday brewery tours are also a fun way to spend an afternoon—the $7 admission also gets you a post-tour beer tasting and souvenir glass.

Saint Arnold made the move in October 2009 after 15 years at their 30,000-square-foot original brewery to the revamped former HISD biulding just north of downtown. Good news for beer lovers—the new space is almost three times as big.

2000 Lyons Ave.
Houston, TX 77020

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