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Robertson Stadium

The all-mighty Cougars football team and soccer, too

The stands at this stadium on the campus of the University of Houston are often packed for either the Major League Soccer games of Houston’s newest pro sports franchise, Houston Dynamo, or Cougars football games. After winning the MLS Cup in 2006 and 2007, the Dynamo team has earned national recognition and a passionate local fan base. On the other hand, the U of H Cougars team has won 10 conference championships and boasts several players as members of the College Football Hall of Fame (including a Heisman Trophy winner) so there’s an exciting, ongoing history that draws crowds to Robertson Stadium every football season. Almost year-round, top athletes are kicking, throwing or punting balls in this stadium and while we love our HDTV, there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby. 

3874 Holman St.
Houston, TX 77004

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