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Lakewood Church

The largest megachurch in the U.S.

With no disrespect to the spirit in the sky ('cause that’s where I’m gonna go when I die'), Lakewood Church is a successful event space that draws more than 45,000 weekly attendees to its theatrical presentations. Lakewood, a non-demoninational Christian church, is the largest megachurch in the U.S. The church spent about $75 million to transform the former arena for the Houston Rockets into a supersized soul palace, featuring two waterfalls, three gargantuan television screens, a state-of-the-art lighting system, an orchestra pit that rises and recedes into the floor and a $25 million children’s amusement center designed by former Disney staffers.

The pulpit for pastor Joel Osteen stands near the spot where Hakeem Olajuwon helped his team win two consecutive NBA titles. 

3700 Southwest Fwy.
Houston, TX 77027
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