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The Jung Center

For yoga class or social and spiritual issues

While speeding down Montrose, a lot of people whiz right past a simple white building that houses one of Houston’s most fascinating nonprofit ventures. It’s worth stopping the car and parking or walking over to this zen-like place. For more than five decades, The Jung Center has introduced people to the philosophies of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and promoted Jungian psychology, which embraces the universe in all its manifestations: art, history, myth, philosophy, and spirituality. The Center is open to the public and offers more than 100 courses, programs and conferences each year. There’s also an art gallery as well as a store featuring a select group of books and gifts with an emphasis on psychology, humanities and the expressive arts. Even if you’re not into Jungian theory, it’s worth putting it on your Museum District agenda. Don’t worry, nobody’s going to try to analyze you--unless you want them to.

5200 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

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