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Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

A new Catholic base in Houston

When the Holy See in Rome created the Galveston diocese in 1847, Houston was barely a glimmer on the horizon and Galveston was a center of commerce. But devastating hurricanes have a way of shifting population patterns, and while Galveston's St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica is still the church's area headquarters, at the turn of this century it was well time to update the nearly 100-year-old structure in downtown Houston serving as a co-cathedral. Architects Zeigler Cooper (with a design approved by Pope John Paul II) turned the 1911 parish church into an award-winning traditional structure with soaring ceilings, a metal dome, white limestone and marble walls, and 108 stained glass window panels designed and made in Florence.

1111 St. Joseph Pkwy.
Houston, TX 77002

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