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14 Pews

14 Pews

There's something that feels slightly irreverent - but so very right - about enjoying a good movie and a cold beer in a converted church. Located in Aurora Picture Show's former home, 14 Pews is a microcinema in the heart of the Heights that hosts short runs of indie films and documentaries. But it can't be pigeon-holed: the sparse but surprisingly cozy space also serves as a venue for readings, educational programs, live music, and weddings.

14 Pews offers a few different screenings each week - rarely the same film two nights in a row - that are often followed up with an audience discussion. For a small, tax-deductible fee, you can become a member, which grants you free admission and a complimentary baked good each visit (they're homemade and delicious).

Executive director Cressandra Thibodeaux is friendly, enthusiastic, and open to suggestions, so let her know if you have an idea for a film you'd like to see.

800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX

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