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Smitty's Louisiana Café and Bar

Where musicians hang out

You can go to Smitty’s for the creole and Cajun home cooking, but you haven’t lived until you’ve gone to get in on the action at the weekly Monday Night Texas Jazz Jam. This is the real stuff for insiders only—there’s no cover charge and local jazz greats perform (sometimes with big-name guest artists who happen to be in town) in a truly intimate setting. One of our favorites who has a steady gig here is the Straight-No-Chaser Jazz Ensemble. Vocalist Carol Sanders was raised in the church with gospel and at home with the stylings of icons like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, but Sanders has crafted a mesmerizing sound all her own. Then you’ve got Nelson Mills III on trumpet and Robert Sanders on keys . . . and Smitty’s kicks into high gear.

Most regulars are addicted to the delicious heat of Smitty’s hot wings.

3333 Raleigh St.
Houston, TX 77021
Sun: noon - 2am
Mon: noon - 2am
Tue: noon - 2am
Wed: noon - 2am
Thu: noon - 2am
Fri: noon - 2am
Sat: noon - 2am

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