Zoya Tommy Gallery presents Brett Hollis: Sublime Absurdity opening reception

Zoya Tommy Gallery presents Brett Hollis: Sublime Absurdity
Brett Hollis, The Gatherer, Mixed and Digital Media. 24'' X 36'', 2016 Photo by Brett Hollis

Zoya Tommy Gallery will present a review of the complex work of Houston-based artist Brett Hollis. Hollis capitalizes on the viewer’s reliance on media culture. Hollis uses a variety of styles and mediums to establish an enveloping feeling of Sublime Absurdity.

A constant battle takes place within Hollis’ work in Sublime Absurdity, as Hollis simultaneously holds an aversion to pop culture whilst recognizing its power. Through taking this concept and abstracting it, Hollis aims to take an idea that inaugurates conformity, then redirect its artistic capabilities to conceive something intensely meaningful, something absurd, something sublime.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through September 2.

Event Details


7.22.16 | 6:00 pm


Zoya Tommy Contemporary
4102 Fannin St.
Houston, TX 77006


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Admission is free.