Writespace Workshop: "How to Increase Your Story's Vitality through Character and Place" with Chris Rogers

Pre-launch event for Writespace teacher Chris Rogers' new novel
Chris Rogers Photo by Joyce Perkins

The most creative and successful storytellers strive for dominance of one element of setting over another, one dominant personality trait in each character. William Peter Blatty's award-winning novel, The Exorcist, opens with a blazing sun-washed landscape. Margaret Mitchell sets the scene of her classic, Gone With the Wind, with bare white shoulders and "traces of soft little bosoms showing above lace flounces." Similarly, the most memorable story characters are motivated by strong passions.

In this interactive workshop, you will engage in brainstorming exercises that breathe life into a story by strengthening the passionate bonds between your people and the tools, toys, land, occupation or lifestyle that motivate their actions.

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9.20.14 | 1:30 pm


Writespace Houston - Silver Street Studios
2000A Edwards St. Suite 212
Houston, TX 77007


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