World Affairs Council of Greater Houston presents Unmade in China: The Hidden Truth About China’s Economic Miracle

<i>Unmade in China: The Hidden Truth About China’s Economic Miracle</i>
Photo courtesy of World Affairs Council of Greater Houston

If people look carefully at how things are actually made in China - from shirts to toys, apple juice to oil rigs - they see a reality that contradicts every widely-held notion about the world’s so-called economic powerhouse. From the inside looking out, China is not a manufacturing juggernaut. It’s a Lilliputian. Nor is it a killer of American jobs. It’s a huge job creator. Rising China is importing goods from America in such volume that millions of U.S. jobs are sustained through Chinese trade and investment.

For almost two decades, Jeremy Haft has been building companies on the front lines in China. He has overseen hundreds of sourcing and import/export programs between American and Chinese enterprises in a wide variety of industries and agriculture, spanning from shipbuilding and refineries to auto parts and medical supplies to maple syrup and cowhides. Haft’s current start-up is a public-private partnership, funded by a grant from the Empire State Development Corporation, to build export markets in China for New York agriculture.

Haft is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and McDonough School of Business. He has conducted many briefings about Chinese trade and U.S. competitiveness with members of Congress, ambassadors, senior military officers, and the business community.  His analysis has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, NPR, BBC, and cable news, among other media outlets.

Haft’s book, Unmade in China: The Hiddle Truth About China’s Economic Miracle, will be available for purchase and signing at the event.

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12.7.17 | 6:30 pm


United Way of Greater Houston Community Resource Center
50 Waugh Dr.
Houston, TX 77007


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