William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art presents "Allures of the Wild Horse Desert: Noe Perez and the Colors of South Texas" opening reception

William Reaves | Sarah Foltz Fine Art presents Allures of the "Wild Horse Desert: Noe Perez and the Colors of South Texas" opening reception
Noe Perez, "Blooming Cactus Landscape," 2016, oc, 30x60 Photo by Noe Perez

This exhibition marks the very first solo show for Noe Perez, a world-class painter from Falfurrias, Texas. Perez has spent most of his life ranging flat, brushy South Texas ranch lands that surround his hometown, and has made a strong reputation for himself by painting this rugged countryside, an area romantically referred to as “the Wild Horse Desert.” Other than fervent bands of hunters, these broad expanses of South Texas generally constitute “fly over” country for most of today’s Texans. Seemingly desolate to the casual viewer, the area is also a “road less traveled” by most Texas artists as well, having been largely written-off as less than picturesque by most landscape artists.   

With keen eye and strong brush, Perez brings this sparse, sturdy country to life on canvas.  His beautiful paintings capture the understated grandeur and majesty of his native South Texas countryside; his exquisite compositions teasing out the strong light, brilliant colors and rich textures hidden within these tough prairie lands. In giving voice to the land which he knows best, Perez has achieved notoriety as an exceptional painter, and his elegant landscapes have served the purpose of exposing the natural virtues of his beloved home country to the fuller view.  Allures of the Wild Horse Desert is a stunning exhibition, presenting the largest collection yet of Perez paintings and clearly underscoring his arrival as one of the state’s most capable artistic talents.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through March 25.

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3.4.17 | 6:00 pm


Foltz Fine Art
2143 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77098


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Admission is free.