Wild About Houston Film Festival

Wild About Houston Film Festival
Photo courtesy of Wild About Houston Film Festival

Houston’s rich ecosystems and wildlife are often forgotten by its own residents. The first annual Wild About Houston film festival will spotlight this irreplaceable natural heritage and ongoing efforts to save local species and wild places. This special film screening will feature 15 local conservation films. Wild About Houston will also feature a special filmmaker and conservationist panel who will explore the value local films have on community efforts to save nature.

Houston is home to mysterious forests, colorful prairies, meandering bayous, and relaxing bays. Greater Houston is also home to a wild and robust wildlife community, including for example bald eagles, bottlenose dolphins, coyotes, alligators, and even beavers. Houston’s bird life world class drawing bird watchers from across the globe. Yet, these animals and their homes are under threat. Houston’s rapid expansion is squeezing out its wild inhabitants and the habitat that they depend upon for survival.

Fortunately, a team of conservationists and institutions are working hard to save and restore wildlife habitat, breed endangered species, and reconnect Houstonians to their wild neighbors. The Wild About Houston short film festival will spotlight 15 of these inspiring stories from the wilds of the Katy Prairie to the oyster reefs of Galveston Bay. Collectively the films will highlight the work of 13 local conservation groups including the Houston Zoo, Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, Nature Discovery Center, Bayou Land Conservancy, Native Plant Society of Texas, Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas Master Naturalists, Galveston Bay Foundation, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and others.

The event will take place at the Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion.

Event Details


8.23.17 | 7:00 pm


McGovern Centennial Gardens and Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion
1500 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77004

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Admission is free.